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Interior Design Course in Kanpur

Are you passionate about transforming spaces and creating beautiful, functional environments? Look no further! Our Interior Design Course in Kanpur offers comprehensive training and hands-on experience to help you turn your creative vision into a successful career.

Why Choose Our Interior Design Course?

Expert Faculty

Learn from industry professionals with years of experience.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Get access to modern design studios and tools.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Covering all aspects of interior design from basics to advanced techniques.

Hands-On Projects

Work on real-life projects to build a strong portfolio.

Placement Assistance

Get support in finding internships and job placements.

Course Highlights

Foundations of Interior Design

Understanding space and design principles
Color theory and its application
Basics of drawing and drafting

Design Software Training

3ds Max

Residential and Commercial Design

Designing living spaces, kitchens, and bathrooms
Office and retail space planning
Hospitality design

Furniture Design and Selection

Custom furniture design
Ergonomics and functionality
Material selection and sustainabilityn

Lighting Design

Natural and artificial lighting techniques
Creating ambiance with light
Energy-efficient lighting solutions

Project Management

Budgeting and cost estimation
Time management and scheduling
Client communication and presentation skills

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