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CRAFT- College of refined arts, fashion & technology. A premier institution founded in March 2021 under the parent company “Craft Professional Learners Pvt Ltd”. The company is mainly into Professional skill development training & Education consulting business.
Our objective is to produce skilled manpower in the field of Applied art, design & technology domain where we keep the current demand, technology and trends in our think tank while designing our training programs for the students. Our training methodology consists of complete practical learnings, where implementation of knowledge is the key.

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At CRAFT we look forward to bring revolution in education sector with affordable and quality education/training while equipping the students with knowledge and skills in their chosen stream, inculcates values, identify hidden talents, provide opportunities for students to realise their full potential and thus shape them into the future leaders, entrepreneurs in their respective streams and above all good human beings. Our inbuild professional practice program enables the student industry to be ready.


Our mission is to train over 10 million young and well deserving students in the field of Creative design & technology by the year 2027. We are not only making them job ready but we are working every day to make them a good entrepreneur also. Even if our 10% trained students become entrepreneurs, then they can employ and impact many lives within 5 years. Our objective is to make India proud in the field of design & creativity. At CRAFT we don't provide only classroom training but also industry exposure through giving the opportunity to work as an intern and OJT programs. We also work for their overall personality development through our specialised Communication & Employability skills development program, so that they can become complete industry ready.

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Diploma in Fashion Designing

Get on a thrilling journey into the world of fashion designing with our extensive diploma in fashion designing. This course covers every facet of the design process, from pattern-making and sketching to clothing production and fashion illustration, giving you the tools you need to realise your imaginative concepts on the catwalk.

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Fashion Designing Courses After 12

With our specialty courses, which are intended for students who are keen to follow their passion for fashion designing, you can begin your career in fashion designing courses after 12th. Our courses provide you with the ideal basis to realise your career goals, whether you want to work as a merchandiser, stylist, or fashion designer.

Interior Designing Course

With our Bachelor of Interior Design program, you may set off on a creative and innovative adventure. Discover the fundamentals of colour theory, space planning, and design aesthetics as you develop aesthetically beautiful and useful interiors for businesses, homes, and hospitality spaces.

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Digital Marketing Courses

With our in-depth digital marketing course, you can stay ahead of the curve in the current digital environment. Our digital marketing course covers the newest trends and practices in digital marketing, enabling you to generate results and expand your online presence. Topics covered include search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, and content planning.

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Graphics & Animation Course

With our specialised graphics and animation course, you can show your creativity and discover the fantastic field of graphics and animation. Discover how to use industry-standard tools and methods to produce visually stunning content and dynamic animations.


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Web Design & Development

With this practical training, you may become an expert in web design & development. This program covers all you need to know to construct professional, user-friendly websites that stand out in today’s competitive online scene, from the fundamentals of HTML and CSS to advanced JavaScript and responsive design principles.

Mr. Utsav Gupta (Director)

Having over 8 years of experience, he hails from the background of Creativity and Designing fields. Successfully established a Production house under him, also having a good hands-on Photography. He is the brain behind the designing aspects of company and Heads the Department of Designing, Branding and Photography in CRAFT

Mr. Abdul Hafeez (Director)

He has experience of more than 15 years. He has worked in the Education & Training Companies in the Business Development Dept. During the journey of almost 16 years he has worked in different - different organisations that provide training in IT/CS CAD/Creative and Hotel Industry. His expertise is in Public Relations/ Corporate Relations/ Sales/ Marketing/ Operations and Placements. He has the experience in dealing with people around each corner of the country as his job was travelling oriented. He deals with Sales-Marketing and Business Expansion in Craft.